Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Thing #9--Crash a Wedding!

Hey, I forgot about something!

On October 9th--which also happened to be the day before our first anniversary--D had his 10 year high school reunion (wow we're old!). Our friend Lisa was there, & while on a trip to the restroom we lamented the fact that no one was dancing. We really wanted to dance, but didn't want to be the only ones. On our way back to the room the reunion was being held in we passed a wedding. Aaaaw maaaaaaaaaaaan! They were playing fun, danceable music & EVERYONE was dancing!


Lisa & I shared a knowing look, but walked back into the danceless reunion to let the idea marinate.

After a couple false starts the moment of truth came. The plan was, well, maybe if two cute girls were to explain their predicament to those two middle-aged men it wouldn't be a big deal. So we sidled on up, found that they were deep in conversation & figured screw it. We're doing this!

So we danced our way to the dance floor & did our thing. In my head the song was 'Whoomp, There It Is,” but I know that wasn't it. We were careful at first to not make eye contact with anyone, but that quickly went down the drain when my hand whacked into the best man's hand. Oops! So we figured, live it up, have fun & avoid the bride. If we do come across the bride, we would tell her how beautiful she looked & how awesome the wedding was & go from there.

We probably only danced for about 6 minutes or so until “Sweet Caroline” came on. We decided to make our exit because that is a song that everyone sings to each other & our guttsiness (or mine, at least) was waning.

We slipped out the door, laughing, shared a high-five & reentered the reunion as secret wedding crashers. Or beginners, at least :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Thing #8--Passion fruit!

Passion fruit is one of those things I either love or hate. Well, I should say the flavor of passion fruit. I love the scent of it in lotions & shampoos & all that, but sometimes I have something--usually a beverage--that is just not my thang. Like an iced passion fruit white tea I had once. Gag! It was so perfumey that I wanted to hurl. But the other day I saw some almost ripe passion fruits at the grocery store & decided to get back on track with my clam handling via trying a real, live(err...) passion fruit.

I waited a few days for the passion fruit to ripen completely, which you tell by the wrinkliness of the skin. Once it looks like what I assume a very old man’s…well, you know where I’m going with that. Once it’s crazy wrinkly, it’s ripe! Yay weird nature. So, Sunday morning after a delicious & leisurely autumny breakfast with my husband (yup, still kinda weird) I prepared to cut into my passion fruit.

Pay no attention to the pile of apples in the corner. I had leftover from the muffins I made earlier that morning

So I cut into the fruit. Well, I tried to, that is. As you can see here, the leathery skin would not yield to my usually sharp knife & went from looking like an old man’s junk to an old lady’s junk. Mmmm, appetizing. Or, for my less twisted readers out there, I guess it kinda looks like a giant, mutated coffee bean, huh?

Once I finally hacked it open I let out an involuntary sad groan. Just what I expected. A viscous, snot-colored custard-like yuck (I actually just gagged writing that sentence). And embedded in this marvel of fruit were dark seeds.

It was at this point that I realized that I didn’t really know how to eat a passion fruit. Can you eat it all? Do you suck off the infection-yellow substance & spit out the seeds? *Seinfeld voice* What’s the deal with passion fruit?

So D--being my wingman--hopped online to make sure that the entire inside was edible(yup) & it was time to “indulge.” I was actually really hesitant. I’d seen pictures of passion fruit in the past, but seeing what was going on inside of that thing was somehow not what I expected & kinda threw me. I’m a big texture/mouth-feel sort of person & by the looks of it the passion fruit taste-test was not going to be pleasant.

Disclaimer: In the upcoming photos you will see my new-found commitment to this blog. You get to see me in all of my awake-for-three-lazy-hours, red-faced, pajama-wearing glory. Glamour! Hotness!! Beauty Queen!!!

But I put on my big girl face & stuck my cute ceramic spoon in. Upon doing this I found that the whatnot going on inside of this thing wasn’t as custardy or springy as I feared, which was a relief. It was more of a thick, juicy substance. Yay!

Down the hatch!
It was initially a weird taste which almost instantaneously turned yummier. A little tart, a little sweet . Overall the flavor was nice & tropical. And the texture was no problem! Well, aside from the seeds. The seeds were a little too crunchy, which I at first appreciated when paired with the other part of the passion fruit. But then I was just grossed out by them. Seeds, get outta my passion fruit!

And here are some pictures of D, who is vastly more photogenic than I am pre-shower & who makes the best faces ever & always!! These may be better than the photos of him trying Guinness while at the Storehouse Brewery in Dublin, which is saying a lot.

Verdict: I liked it well enough. I’m not sure that I’d get one again, mainly because of the seeds, but I did really enjoy the flavor of an actual passion fruit. And D? Well, I think the photos speak for themselves, don’t they?