Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Thing #11--Get a Tattoo

That's right folks, after years of saying & thinking, "Oh, some day I'd like to get a tattoo," I finally did it.

A few months ago I randomly thought of a kinda funny yet fitting sibling tattoo my brother & I could get. I half-jokingly told my brother, Marc, my idea & he loved it. I decided that I wanted to get it sooner than later, partly because I wanted it healed for summer fun, & partly so I wouldn't push it to the way-back burner. And seeing that Marc is leaving for tour again, time, she was a'wastin'!

So last weekend we went to McInnis Tattoo in Providence to make an appointment with Nate, who is a friend of Marc's & an old school pal of Derrick's.

Some of their wall art.

And yesterday was the day for our--duh-duh-duuuuuuuuuuuuh!--salt shakers!

A bit of explanation. When we were kids Marc was OBSESSED (ok, I liked it a lot too) with Batman, the one starring Michael Keaton. There's a scene where Bruce Wayne & Vicki Vale are sitting at opposite ends of a ludicrously long table having dinner. Vicki is asked how the soup is & asks for the salt. Bruce can't hear her because they're too far away from each other, so she repeats herself. Bruce gets up, walks a solid 20 seconds to the other side of the table & hands her the salt. Weeeeell, whenever we were at the table eating lunch, we would sit across from each other & Marc would make me play the salt game, often much to my chagrin :) Though it did always end in giggles, so though I groaned it was a fun, corny time.

The tattoo is fairly simple, just a salt shaker in grey scale. I wasn't nervous at all, probably because of a combination of excitement to finally be doing this, sleepiness & being in the company of two dudes with tons of tattoo experience. Also, I spent the summer getting huge needles jabbed into my spine & nerves, so a bunch of tiny needles going into my skin at warp speed couldn't be too bad, right?

And it wasn't. It definitely didn't feel good, but it was tolerable, especially seeing that I only had to sit for about 20 minutes or so. I did have one moment that caused an "Ow!" but that quickly passed. I've heard people say that the shading hurts more than the outline, but I think they're basically liars.

Me being a lady straddling the chair in a skirt.

Unfortunately (I assume) for you guys I do believe I'm going to wait to post a photo until it's healed & I have one part of it fixed/added. Sooooorryyyyy!

Edit: I changed my mind.
Here is a bloody, swollen, brandy-new & the-ink-hasn't-settled-yet photo! I want to have vertical lines added to the floating geometric shape (the salt level) so it looks more...full of salt & purposeful, I guess. It didn't occur to me til later, oops!

Marc, thanks for being game for this tattoo, & for a fun afternoon of schlangin' & Apsara!

His hand wasn't fast enough to block this one in the Fang Island van on the way to nime chow heaven.

Also, here's a picture of Lucy being super cute: