Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Thing #5--Mehndi!

New Thing #5—Mehndi!
I’ve always wanted to get a henna “tattoo,” but never really had the opportunity to get one.
As you’ve probably guessed, a few weeks ago (I only have one more backlogged “thing” left, then we’ll get to more current issues that hopefully don't start with that phrase!) I finally had the chance to get one!

I went to the restaurant India with my friend Shannon & it was a dinner of excitement. Not only was the food delicious--as always-- & the sangria plentiful, they had belly dancers & an artist doing free mehndi. We totally took advantage of the opportunity. The lovely henna artist (who was also a painter & a doula, I believe) did an Om on Shannon & a lotus on my wrist. I only managed to remember to take one photo, so here it is at the end of the night, mid-flake. Also, it's upside-down. Over the next day or so the orange color intensified to a sort of burnt sienna, if you will. You know you will!

I really loved it! It was beautiful, I got lots of compliments on it & I loved the placement. We can now put a “check” near mehndi. Yay!

Additionally, when I got home I looked up lotuses on Wikipedia & in my reading learned that “Padma” means “lotus” & there is a Hindu goddess called “Lakshmi” who is the goddess of many things that lotuses represent, such as wisdom, fertility, & beauty. Also, Lakshmi is often depicted standing on a pink lotus. Padma Lakshmi’s parents must have had an intense lotus love, oui?

Til next time!


  1. I probably should have rotated the picture so it would be right side up & how you'd see it, not how I saw it. Oh well. Stand on your heads!

  2. Lovely! I had a lotus mendhi done by that same lady one time when I went with my cousins. :)

  3. This gal said she'd only been doing it at India for a few months, but now that you mention it I think I remember seeing pictures from that night or something. Must've been a different lady! Did they have bellydancers that night, too? When that started we were like "where are we?!" There was a spotlight,a sword & techno-Indian music. Whooooooa!

  4. I did not see any bellydancing. I would have like too!