Monday, May 23, 2011

New Thing #16--Graduate from College!

After more years than I'd like to admit(though not consecutive or all full-time), on Sunday I attended the 125th Commencement Ceremony at the University of Rhode Island where I finally received my Bachelor's of Science in Animal Science & Technology. It was a long time coming & I am so happy & relieved that all my hard work & sheep bruises finally led to something--a degree!

An awkward shot of me during our impromptu photo shoot in the restaurant parking lot. Behold!

The day started like any other day.
Wait, not really.
I ironed not one but TWO items of clothing that morning, so that was pretty monumental in & of itself, nevermind this whole graduating business. Otherwise, it was a normal day. We got up, got ready & headed to school. We parked & as I was gathering my things my phone rang. A quick peek showed a number I did not recognize at all, so I ignored it until my phone chimed, letting me know that I had a voicemail. At this point D reported that my Mom had texted him; they had locked themselves out of their house & had to wait for my Grandma to swing by to let them back in & thus, they were running late. Ok.

We started our walk uphill towards the Quadrangle as I listened to my voicemail, only to find out that the bank was calling to let me know of suspicious activity on my card. UGH! I never thought I would be dealing with bank fraud on my graduation day, but there you have it. That was a little extra stress that I was not anticipating dealing with, but all seems to be straightened out now thank goodness.

That yuckiness aside, the day was actually really great. The main ceremony was outside (thank you, weather!!) & really nice. Not too long, & the speaker, Cory Booker, was quite good. After the main ceremony all 15,000 people exploded off of the Quad & dispersed to various places around campus for the individual college diploma ceremonies. By 4:30 I was a newly gradge-e-ated gal! Afterwards D & I slipped away via back roads to Red Stripe, where we met up with my flower-and-funny-balloon-bearing parents & all gorged ourselves on delicious food.

Now, if you'll excuse me. I have to find something to do with this degree! (after I take one more chemistry course :/ )

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