Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Things: Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery! But basically, hey, look at what my belly did.

As I write this my 10 week old son is laying on my lap, asleep, with his arms over his head & his right leg bent with the knee up in the air with his foot resting on the left leg's ankle. He's wearing a grey romper with a red, white & blue pirate face on it, & is half heartedly sucking on a green & white pacifier with a bird on it. It's raining outside & Lucy the Cat is sitting like a loaf of bread near the door, though she was just on the ottoman at my feet. So, basically, he's the most adorable, life is pretty good & motherhood is surreal.

I'm not sure that I'll share the birth story that I wrote; I may want to keep that for us only & not share it with the masses. And while I have some new mom stories & whatnot, my main purpose in writing & sharing today is to show my belly progress photos.

I've always liked seeing the progression of a pregnant belly, so gosh darnit, I'm gonna do one!  These were taken at a pretty irregular interval; mainly whenever we realized that it had been awhile since taking a snapshot of ye olde belly, or if it was a holiday. Some of these were taken after work & before bed, so be there's definitely some frazzliness. Plus, hey, I was pregnant so cut a lady some slack. Here we go!

I may have been getting a little delirious at this point. This was my due date!

 And the next day, April 26th I went into labor, but I didn't realize it until about 6pm. By 11pm (after eating burgers & fries with friends & taking a shower) we were at the hospital ready to have a baby, & at 3:12am on April 27th, Finnegan Walter was born!

Fresh & new! It's so insane that this little guy grew inside of me. Love!

Life is a crazy whirlwind, guys. Enjoy it!

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