Friday, July 30, 2010

Just to clarify a little.
While The Goal is to seek out new things, some of my posts will just be my thoughts, reactions, & the story of new experiences that I may randomly happen to have, not ones that I necessarily choose to do with this blog in mind. I failed to mention it in my very first post, but another reason I wanted to do this blog is to sort of remain present & go back to really experiencing things, letting them sink in, realizing why they're so awesome (or horrible) & all that. For me, writing about them is a good way to do so.
Also, I fear that I may end up having a lot of new food posts, because that's where I tend to be most daring. Chubby girl ova heah!
Obviously, stepping out of my comfort zone is one of the points of this whole thing, so never fear. They won't all be food (thank God, I can't deal with more Chelada-type incidents), although they definitely won't be all bungee jumping, shark riding & moose dueling.

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