Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh, hello.

Welcome to Project OneThing: Grabbing Life By The Clam Handle! My hope is that this becomes a successful personal project that is maybe even entertaining, interesting or--gasp!--a schoche inspirational. But yeah, overall, this blog is a place for me to document & express my experiences with this project for myself, and if people want to read it, awesome.

First, a little background info is in order. Here we go.
My name is Nicki, & I am a 26 year old Rhode Islander who also happens to be recently married & newly home-ownered; a part-time student; a lover of all animals, cute things, various vintage things, food, drink, music & a slew of other random & enjoyable things.

I decided to start this blog for a few reasons. One reason is that I’m a little bored & in need of a project. Another is that I’m looking for some inspiration & if we’re gonna be all new-age-crunchy, maybe even a renewed sense of self. I’ve found myself in a bit of a rut as of late (for many reasons, that maybe I’ll get into someday) & my thinking is that this may help me get started in the right direction. Also, my husband plays a lot of D&D, so I can do this while he’s “slaying the dragon” & I’ve decided to stay home with my Lucy-bean, the fluffiest cat in New England.

Ok ok, so what will I be doing with this blog? God, I hate the word “blog.“ I should coin a new phrase. Anyway. The plan is to try to do or learn (& blog about) one new thing every…well, errr…One new thing every day seems like a bit much to me--I don’t want to be grabbing at straws or have this thing turn into a chore. So my goal as of now is one new thing every week, with extras thrown in there as they happen. I’m not really into rules & regulations. Ew, restrictions. The idea is that as I do these things I step outside of my comfort zone, learn something, meet new people, take more chances, discover that I really hate or love something, become even more confident, do something crazy, finally check something off my to-do list & hopefully have a bunch of fun along the way. Yay, living life!

Now for the “Grabbing Life By The Clam Handle” part of the title. What the crap does that even mean? Well, about a month ago my on-his-way-to-being-a-rock-star brother (who probably just groaned) came to hang with us for a day while he was home on a break from his tour. The day was fun & heavily-peppered with clam (the bivalve, not the lady part…though there might‘ve been a few of those) references. We wanted clam cakes, he wanted more clam cakes, there were jokes, & there was dehydration & the silly ha-has. At one point my brother demanded that we all hold our clam cakes by the “clam handle,” which was the little projection of crispy batter, so we could toast (clam?) & be all fancy-like. Funny, especially to the thirsty & sun-stroked! Later on in conversation he jokingly exclaimed that you have to “grab life by the clam handle!” I found this to be hilarious & oddly profound, if you wanna use an oogy word to describe it. It’s my new favorite saying, & I decided to use it in my blog title. Thaaaaanks Marc!

That pretty much sums it up. I have a few things in mind already, but I may need some help along the way. I’m open to ideas & things to try, so leave me a comment if you wish. Also, the look (& who am I kidding, the content) of this blog is still a work in progress…so stay tuned for a more finished look coming to a computer near you soon!

Hi! Here I am FINALLY eating (& falling in love with) the Belgian-style fries at Pommes Frites in NYC this past winter. *angelic choir*


  1. I think this is a good idea. I might follow suit, depending on my medical issue and such. Good luck!

  2. Can't wait til next time! You're awesome!

  3. Keep your eyes peeled for the next entry, coming either tonight or tomorrow!

  4. sounds like fun - i will be lurking!!

  5. I think you should combine the words Web+memoir.

    Weboir or Wemoir

    Thats all i got