Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"That gum you like will come back in style"

Hey, remember that time I had a blog that I updated (fairly) regularly? No? Don't worry. My own memory of it is but a blip on the horizon.

After my last post, things got sort of busy. D & I headed to California for about 5 days, came home for about 3 weeks & then shot on down to Florida for part of our vacation. Then came autumn, & Halloween & a freak snowstorm that just barely spared our party, trying to practice my banjo,Thanksgiving, normal life, Christmas & the eleventy stops that go with its wonder, New Year's Eve, etc etc etc. You get the point. Everyone knows that sort of busy-ness, & on the few occasions that I carved out time to actually write something, I found myself completely uninspired after only a paragraph or two, or technology worked against me & I--defeated--gave up on the idea of blogging for another one, two, three weeks.

But here it is, February Second of Two-Thousand and Twelve. 2012. Whoa (in keaun voice, of course). I'm sitting in my (mostly) clean kitchen, have Tom Waits' newest vinyl spinning, a charming cup of spicy tea brewing next to a few flickering candles while my dear little cat toddles between my feet & her shiny & new water fountain, being fluffy & cute & weird.

But, yeah.

This blogging thing.

It's ON.

I'm feeling newly inspired/frustrated, which is giving me fuel. In the next few days-ish, expect to see some posts. While I'm absolutely still sticking to my "new thing" format, I think I may write in here a bit more, too. Not just when I'm doing something totally new. Because, let's face it, I don't get out as much as I'd like, & sometimes I find myself stretching for new things. "Ooh, I ate unfrosted mini-wheats--Quick! Where's my blog?!" Yeah. Lame.

Til next time (REALLY THIS TIME!)


PS--I've recently happened upon this blog: Aarti has a show on the Food Network & she's pretty delightful. I want to cook every recipe she posts, wear flowers in my hair every day & be friends with her. Enjoy!

PPS--Feel free to hassle me for new posts, if you're that dedicated. I can use the harassing!

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