Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Thing #19--California!

Rather than blabber out a bunch of excuses, let's get to the meat, shall we? ("I've got the meat, Jack.") Comment if you know that that quote is from!

Seeing that I'm quite a bit behind in posting, my plan is to briefly describe the highlights/lowlights of said new thing & throw in some photos. Badabing, & all that. Onwards!

Back in September we went to California. LA to be exact. This was the trip that D surprised me with for my birthday! Things we did: ate lots of great food & drink (tacos & currywurst & Cuban pastries, oh my!), cruised on Mulholland Drive, drove all around LA & took a trip to Santa Monica & frolicked in the Pacific, hung with friends, met a mobster, took a backlot tour of Warner Bros studio, went to a taping of the Ellen show, walked around Hollywood & went to the Chinese Theater, stopped in Amoeba Music where we saw James Spader (our one celebrity sighting) & my brother's band's album for sale, & went to the Hollywood Bowl for the most glorious viewing of the Sound of Music ever. It was amazing. All of it was great--we actually both liked LA way more than we thought we would, which was a pleasant surprise. D still talks about moving there! I'd really like to go back for another visit, & see more of California, stat.

Tacos at Pinches, across from Chateau Marmont. Not pictured: the lengue (tongue) taco. Verdict of tongue taco: best one we had!

Miss Patty's Barn in Stars Hollow. Geek freakout!

I was really pumped to see that we were on Route 66. Someday!

Us on the Santa Monica pier. Gorgeous!

Feet finally in the Pacific!

Requisite Marilyn Monroe handprint shot. Germs!!

Alissa & I get awkward at Amoeba...

...and in the hills, pointing to the Hollywood sign.

Sound of Music Singalong!

How we (read: mostly I) felt the during the Singalong. The bottle+ of wine helped.

I forgot that we snuck a picture in the VIP waiting room. Don't tell!!

Holy crap, it was really hard to pick some pictures to post. We had a great time! I cannot thank our lovely host Alissa, or my super amazing husband D enough. Thank you! Yaaay!
 Edelweiss during the singalong. MAGICAL!!!


  1. We saw the Marilyn Monroe hand/foot prints. Such tiny hands and feet, especially compared to her um, you know.

    Those tacos look great!

  2. Great job, dear! I miss LA & these updates! Keep it up!

  3. MISS PATTY'S!!!!!! i JUST finished season 6 for the first time ever, onto 7 but i will surely take my time. I don't want it to end!

  4. I was way too excited when our little tour golf cart turned into what was used as Stars Hollow. Enjoy season 7!