Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Thing #20--Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Every October we like to take a vacation because a) we love the autumn & b) we celebrate our anniversary. We don't always go anywhere major, but this past October we decided to go to Florida (eh) to visit Harry Potter land & Halloween Horror Nights(yay!). We came *this* close to cancelling this vacation & I've gotta say, I'm glad we didn't. It wasn't our normal sort of thing, but we had such a good time!

While in Orlando we: pretty much lived in Harry Potter World & the Three Broomsticks, dealt with some torrential (TORRENTIAL!) downpours & wet pants, went on the Jaws ride (D's first time) just weeks before it was closed forever, transformed D into a little boy on the Jurassic Park ride, drank copious amounts of butter beer & pumpkin juice, went in some really insane & awesome haunted houses,  experienced some very frustrating transportation issues, went to Disney World for a night of wholesome Halloween fun (in stark contrast to the Halloween fun at Universal) & spent a day with my aunt & cousins!

We pushed the two full size beds together to have one mega bed to rule them all.

 Our first morning.


 English breakfast!

 Hogwarts. It was really,really 'effing cool inside.

I couldn't get enough of the skyline.

We survived breakfast with the pigeons!

Aw shucks. Our second wedding anniversary dinner.

Starting a night in Disney following a day in Universal.

Day at the beach with the family.

So, yeah. It was a lot of fun doing the touristy FL thing with D! It was our first time doing this sort of thing together, & it was great geeking out over Harry Potter World  & Halloween Horror Nights together. Seriously, if you are a nerd for Harry Potter OR over the top, scary, in your face haunted houses, I highly suggest checking them out. Also, I was THE target for people trying to scare me. It was bonkers. Spending a night in Disney was fun too--it really is so gosh darn magical!  I'm lucky to have him as my travel buddy, & he is so fun to go on rides with--he went on Space Mountain for the first time ever & I could NOT stop laughing. Yaaaay! Good times!


  1. this is the best thing ever. if i could only convince kevin to save his freakin' money so we could go to harry potter world!

  2. It was seriously so, so great. The detail in & outside of the buildings & stores was craziness.You must go! And actually, the Three Broomsticks restaurant was quite good, especially for theme park food. We ate there like 90 times.