Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Thing #21--Haven Bros.

Somehow--SOMEHOW--I have lived in Rhode Island for my whole life, a mere 25 or so minutes away from one of the country's oldest diners-on-wheels without ever eating there. I've passed by it dozens, even hundreds, of times. Never a step inside. Never a bite taken.

Until this past October.
(ok, i know this is getting really ridiculous. but i have a list of things that i've wanted to mention on here & this is one of them. and i swear i'm almost done that list!)

After seeing Beirut at Lupo's (they were amazing--go see them!) D & I took a stroll down the street to finally indulge in Haven Bros greasiness.

It was pretty greasily awesome. From what I remember I got a grilled cheese & split some fries with D as we sat on the chilly steps of Providence City Hall, still reeling from the Beirut show of our dreams.

So, yeah, I finally went & you should too!


Proof! Also, holy crap my hair was short!

Behold the weird lady and her grilled cheese.