Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 6 of Awesome

And awesome it was!

Monday night we went to see Mumford & Sons--AMAZING.

I *love* this band. LOVE. I've had Sigh No More in my top three rotation of albums for over two years. I know the album by heart & I never get sick of it. It inspired me to start learning the banjo. And Marcus Mumford (yes, i'm creepy) is kinda dreamy, so that's an added bonus. Me being excited for this show was a huge understatement.

Apparently the show was the fastest selling show in PPAC history. We found out the day after tickets went on sale that there even was a show, & of course it was sold out. Crushed. Devastated! When I heard the news I was on a ferry & kinda wanted to jump off the boat & into the whale & shark infested waters of Cape Cod.  BUT (there's always a but...or a butt), D's fabulous aunt hooked us up with great tickets--17th row center, don't mind if I do--& there was much rejoicing.

The place was obviously totally packed & there was such good energy in the theatre that I knew the audience was going to be so into it. There's nothing that annoys me more than being in a mediocre audience. I mean, people were screaming & clapping & cheering for the two opening bands.

So, anyway. Mumford & Sons was so.good. Incredible! The set was pretty & magical, the band was talkative, funny & charming & the music was nuts. They were so, so amazing. Loud, perfectly harmonized, beautiful. During the last song Marcus Mumford broke a guitar string & while playing like a maniac was simultaneously tuning his other strings to make up for the broken one. What!

I'll stop talking. Below are some shots I took with my phone. I still haven't quite mastered taking a non-blurry photo with my phone at a concert (what with all the lights), so please excuse any ickiness.

The band totally unplugged & sang "Timshel"to the almost silent crowd. So cool. What's up, great acoustics!

 The set was really simple & pretty, too.

Unfortunately I haven't yet been able to get the videos I took off my phone, but go here to see two videos D took at the show (& feel free to explore his other uploads, there's some good stuff on there!). I'll edit this post with my videos when I can actually get them off one device & onto another. 

Wrap up: Mumford & Sons is the best. I encourage you to listen to their music (new album in September, too!!) & if you ever get a chance to see them, do it!  Thank you, Mumford & Sons, for just being you. *rainbow*

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