Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 2 of Awesome

Today was a fairly mundane day.
I slept in a little, puttered around the house & then headed to work. I've been home about an hour now, & I'm just lounging & hoping to get to bed on the early-for-me side.

So, how 'bout that awesomeness?

There wasn't a lot of it, however I *did* make a perfect hard-boiled egg. Doing that always makes me a bit proud, even though it's super easy. Plus it was an egg from our lil hen Rose (Nylund) (UGH i still have to write the damn post about getting the damn chickens), so that's pretty cool, right??

 Look at that yolk! Yay free-ranging!

Also, we've both had the pleasure of dunking our other hen Dorothy (Zbornak) in a water-filled kiddie pool over the last few days. It's kinda hilarious. She's broody & apparently one way to try to break her broodiness is by lowering her temperature via cold water. Needless to say, she totally *loves* it. Bitch is crazy, you ain't gonna get no chicks!

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