Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Thing #22--31 Days of Awesome! And, Day 1 of Awesome.

So, my faithful readers--all 14 of you--may remember that August 31st is my birthday. And last year for my birth month I did 31 Days of Fun, in which I basically tried to do something fun & blog a blurb about it each day. I kinda sucked at it.
But basically, the point is to try to have more fun, fab times & when that fails, to at least stop for a moment & try to realize that good things happen every day. Even tiny ones!

Ya gotta have a P.M.A.

Day 1 of 31 Days of Awesome--
Today was an early, busy day at work & I didn't get enough sleep last night, so its been kinda rough dragging through it. However, tonight I've spent a lazy night mostly hanging around & finishing up watching the entirety of My So-Called Life. Only 3 episodes left! Watching it really brings me back to sneakily watching this show when my mom wasn't home or was making dinner--she thought it was a tad mature for me, which I, at my current ripe old age, now agree with. Oh maturity...or the semblance of it, at least.


  1. MS-CL! YAY :) Such goodness!

    I wonder what would happen if Angela Chase met Lindsay Weir and Rory Gilmore. (Why no, I'm *not* going to write that fan fiction.)

  2. I think that would cause worlds to collide & heads to explode!

    MSCL really is so good. They really hit on a lot of important subjects & manage to make it entertaining & thoughtful for all--er, most--ages. I've enjoyed re-watching it.

    Also, because I'm now old, I totally understand the appeal of Brian Krakow.

    1. As a Brian Krakow, I can assure you that, yeah, it takes a long time for that to click in for women.