Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 10 of Awesome

After a rollicking good time at work, I headed to my friends' house for some quality hang out time. I hadn't seen some of them in over a month!! Lame. It was lovely to see everyone for awhile. I helped them figure out what colors to paint some rooms, plus I won two games, yes!

Also, yesterday Fang Island's new video for their single Sisterly premiered on MTVu. Here's the link:    GO WATCH IT NOW! NOW, I say!

Oh, hey, you're back! Isn't the video so fun? And how 'bout that song?? Share it, & then go to your local record store & buy Fang Island's albums. Then see if they're playing a show near you! You'll want to high five the crap out of everyone you know, you'll like Fang Island so much. Need added incentive? My lil brother is the drummer, so this is all out of sisterly love, not annoying promoter-y whatnot. But still, you should totally do what I said ;)

( it!)

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